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Have a look at some examples of our film projects

bay city shimmy Phil Thornton
Nexus Tribal Promo video
Bay City Shimmy, featuring
Carolena Nericcio & Megha Gavin
edited by Dug Robson

beatrice showreel I
Beatrice Flowers
performance showreel #I
edited by Beatrice

Beatrice Flowers
performance show-reel #II
edited by Beatrice
shangrii-la III

Shangri-la Lounge III
Blue Hawaii Hula Party
edited by Beatrice

lambhorse I Lambhorse Cabaret showreel
Vaudeville Shoot
edited by Beatrice
shangrii-la v Shangri-la Lounge V
2010 a space oddity showreel
edited by Beatrice

lambhorse II Lambhorse Cabaret showreel
Lambhorse Steal Xmas
edited by Beatrice
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