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episode I - Jan 2011 Shimmys and Giggles  

Beatrice & Denise first podcast attempt
giggle lots, rant about ATS 
upcoming UK BellyDance events
and Bea interviews musician Phil Thornton.
episode II - June 2011 Lapis Lazuli Beatrice talks to Tribal Fusion Duo Lapis Lazuli
plus UK belly dance events announcements.
episode III - Sept 2011 Fight Club Beatrice & Denise confront some issues
plus UK belly dance events announcements
and Beatrice interviews Nic Durham about the
upcoming film release 'Fellowship of the weird'.
episode IV: Oct 2011 Halloweeeeen Beatrice & Anna Sollini get spooooky!!!
episode V: Dec 2011
Bah Humbug
Denise is back to chat to Beatrice about why she loves Christmas, highlights of the year and plans for 2012.
episode VI: Feb 2012
DVD Reviews
Beatrice and Denise find that they can finally agree on some things and review 2 Belly Dance DVD's.
podcast extra: March 2012 Bex Interview As promised ... Beatrice interviews dark fusion Belly dancer Bex.

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